Mason Jar Vases

by Danielle

image-24 copy

I started this project because I wanted something to go on the wall over my headboard.  I also wanted to make something with a country feel.

I purchased craft wood from Lowe’s and glued it together using wood glue.

image-20 copyimage-19 copy

Once the glue dried, I decided to stain the wood using Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut wood stain.  I’ve seen this used for a lot of different things and I love the way it turns out.  I did not end up using the brush pictured above, but instead I used a paper towel.  My friend recommended this and it gave me so much more control when applying the stain.  I would, however, recommend wearing gloves because I got quite a bit of stain on my fingers using this method and it is not fun to get off.

I ended up doing about 4 coats of stain before I got the color I wanted.

image-17 copy

Next I attached hose clamps to each board using two small screws.  These would hold each of the mason jars in place.

I chose to add some country touches to each of the jars.  I wrapped burlap and twine around each jar and added a metal key to the jar that would be in the middle. To finish, I picked out some flowers from Michael’s and hung the boards on the wall using command strips.

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