Mounted Wall Photo

by Danielle

This photo was taken on my trip to Europe this past May with my best friend. On that particular day we were visiting San Gimignano in Tuscany. We had two or three hours to explore the small town until we had to be back to our bus. We decided we wanted to take the path along the outside of the city to get back instead. It was amazing, there were no tourists and wide open views of Tuscany. I think the quote fits the picture perfectly. Now for how to make it.

You will need the following items:

Craft wood
Rust-Oleum Wood Stain
Paint (whatever color you prefer)
Mod Podge
Wood Glue


I decided to glue my board together this way so that the base would be big enough, but not too heavy to hang using command strips. Our landlords aren’t too fond of us constantly putting new holes in the walls.

Once the glue dried it was ready to stain. I did a few coats so that it was nice and dark. While that dried, I painted a square piece of cardboard with tan paint. This would be the base for the picture.

Once the cardboard was dry, I arranged my photo how I wanted it. I actually purchased an app on my computer- I own a Mac- that would split up the picture however I wanted it and then save each individual piece. It was extremely easy and the app was only $3.99. I split my picture into 24, 4 x 6″ photos and printed them at Target. I chose to arrange them so that there were little gaps between each one to give it sort of a mosaic look. I used Mod Podge to mount the photos onto the cardboard and then I did two coats on top of the photos once they were in place. This kind of pulled everything together and gave it a nice finish.

To finish,I glued the cardboard square onto the frame and let it dry. Lastly, I used a gold metallic sharpie to write the quote on it. It turned out to be a nice mounted piece to occupy the empty wall in my room.