Tarva Nightstand IKEA Hack

I recently moved into a new apartment. Naturally, this provided me with a lot of opportunity to create and decorate. For the first time in my life, our bedroom is big enough to allow for matching bedside tables. I’ve been climbing over my boyfriend to get out of bed for years so this is a luxury for us. I did not want to break the bank on furnishing the new place, so I did my best to find cheaper options. I have seen tons of IKEA hacks on Pinterest, but I hadn’t come across one quite like what I had in mind. So here it is, my very own IKEA hack for the Tarva nightstand.

I started with 2 Tarva Nightstands, which are solid pine and pretty simple. The best part, they were about $40 each. I liked these nightstands because they are solid wood and basically a blank slate.

I purchased the following items for the project:
1. Rustoleum Dark Walnut Stain
2. Rustoleum Polyurethane (Satin)
3. Americana Decor Chalk Paint
4. Americana Decor Creme Wax
5. Chip Brushes

All of the products are water-based, which makes for extremely easy clean-up.

I had a vision of what I wanted in my head. I wanted the nightstands to have a dark stained top and a lighter beige/gray base.




I assembled the IKEA tables, but left off the legs and the top. I first stained the top. I recommend ditched the brush while staining. I use a paper towel and I rub the stain on in a thin, even coat. This gives me a lot more control. I only used one coat on the table tops because I loved the way they looked and that the wood grain was still very prominent. I used 3 coats of polyurethane to help protect the table top as there would be glasses and other items on them.

I painted the legs first to get a feel for the chalk paint. I have never used this before, but everyone rages about it and I can see why. It was extremely easy to use and dried within 15 minutes. I did 2 coats on the legs and the base.

I let the paint sit overnight just to be safe. The chalk paint dries a very flat color. Next I rubbed the wax into the wood and wiped off all of the access. I did 2 coats of this as well to help protect the wood. I let this dry overnight and the buffed it to a shine. This was also a first for me and I was surprised to see how nice the wax looks and feels after being buffed. The leg on the left has been buffed and the leg on the right has not.

Once I had buffed the bases, it was time to work on the drawers. I wanted to add a frame to the front to give the piece more character and depth. I used craft wood. My dad helped me to cut the corners at 45 degree angles. I glued these pieces on using liquid nails and clamped them in place overnight.

I painted and waxed the front of the drawers to match the base. Lastly, I added some rustic knobs that I picked up from Hobby Lobby in place of the boring wooden ones provided.
We are all moved in and settled and the tables look great in our bedroom!