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Holiday Cheer

I know this blog is typically aimed towards crafting and creating, but I want to take a step back and talk about giving back during the holiday season. I think sometimes we forget how much we have been given in life. I have been so fortunate and my parents have basically made everything I want out of life possible. We forget that there are a lot of people less fortunate than us.
This year when my boyfriend and I were brainstorming gift ideas for each other we realized there wasn’t really much that we needed. We decided to look into adopting a family for Christmas instead and stumbled across Community Missions of Niagara Frontier. They have a great program where local businesses and individuals can volunteer to adopt a family for Christmas. Once we reached out through Community Missions we were emailed information about a family including the child’s age, gender, and a list of interests and categories. Our list was for a little boy and included clothing size, Elmo, trucks and cars. There are no strict guidelines on how much you can give, it’s really up to you. They recommend you spend at least $25 per child and also include a gift card for groceries for the adult.
My boyfriend and I went shopping this past week and we had such a good time. First of all, it’s impossible to walk into a toy store and spend just $25 dollars, but that’s okay! We picked out fun toys that we thought the child would enjoy based on the list. I think the best part was picking out little clothes, they were all so ADORABLE. We think the things we picked out will truly make the little boy happy and we had so much fun doing it. Everyone deserves to have a great Christmas.
There are plenty of ways to give back to the community. My friend Laine Adams absolutely loves animals and she has been volunteering with the local humane society to give back. You can read more about her experience on her blog page. I encourage you all to find something you love and enjoy and give back, no matter how small the gesture.
Happy Holidays!



Now that I am FINALLY done with college, I have more time to MAKE STUFF and I couldn’t be more excited! I will be posting step by step instructions for some projects that have been on my to-do list!